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On-screen Ruler

I made this ruler because I was at a café a couple days ago (2011-02-19) and needed a ruler to measure some wire, but I couldn’t find a good one online.

The ruler relies on the <canvas> element, so it probably doesn’t work on IE. Life is too short to worry about IE (and also I don’t have a copy of newer IE on Ubuntu). If you can’t view the ruler and you’re using IE, I don’t want to hear about it (unless you have a patch yourself).

The source is already there (View Source), but I’ll put revision history at github.

Touchscreen test

Today (2011-07-03) my friend James said his Android phone was acting janky, so here’s a test of the touchscreen. It’s probably the first thing anyone does when he wants to experiment with mousemove and touchmove, but somehow I couldn’t find a simple one online.

TODO: I should probably add a display of the path so that you can do your own “DIY touchscreen analysis” (MOTO Labs’ website is gone so I can’t link directly to them).

For feedback, you can email me at, or send me a tweet @yonran.